OrateMate is born from personal experience. At OrateMate, we believe that life can be improved through the power of effective public speaking. 

OrateMate was founded in 2015 by James Cullen. 

James Cullen, Founder / Director. 

James Cullen, Founder

James Cullen, Founder

James is a professional communications coach, motivational speaker and speechwriter.  

James has been a coach and trainer for over 12 years. 

He holds a BA degree in English Language, an MA in Rhetoric and is a member of the UK Speechwriters' Guild.

Tracy Medley, Mentor.

Tracy Medley, Mentor

Tracy Medley, Mentor

Tracy is experienced in a wide range of disciplines across the Financial Services industry, including customer facing and head office roles, specialising in training and communications. She currently works as a Continuous Improvement Manager in Change Management and is working towards a professional qualification.

Tracy has previously mentored social entrepreneurs and has built up strong, lasting relationships with them. Her aim is to bring challenge, in a positive way, act as a sounding board, be a good listener and add value to their social enterprise. She does this because she feels strongly about giving back to society having the benefit of working in a secure environment for a corporate employer.   

Tracy is married with two children, who take up most of her spare time in her capacity as family taxi driver, chef and personal assistant!!

Scott Mason, Associate Consultant. 

Scott mason, Associate Consultant

Scott mason, Associate Consultant

Scott is a writer by heart and strategist by trade. He has over six years of experience in marketing and communications and is a specialist consultant with OrateMate. 

As a former-Head-of-Content in a leading digital marketing agency and a merited Master of rhetoric, the ancient art of persuasion and dissuasion, he has built and led a content marketing department to business-changing results for clients and coveted awards for the agency. 

His unique mix of ancient training techniques and modern marketing insights allows him to find the perfect balance between the speaker and the listener in the oratorical arena.